Elly Griffith’s Ruth Galloway Mysteries

Just finished reading all of Elly Griffith’s wonderful series set in Norfolk, England.  Norfolk is a real area, and Ruth Galloway is a convincing archaeologist/lecturer at university.  She is an expert in forensic archaeology and so is occasionally called on to assist the police with cases involving bones.  Luckily for fans, Norfolk is awash with buried bodies.  It was settled in pre-Roman times and there are numerous old villages and religious sites buried beneath the sand and marshland.  There are endless potential places for old pots, trinkets and bones for Ruth to examine.

If you like history, are an anglophile, enjoy a strong sense of setting, and like character development throughout a series, give this one a try.  These are mysteries in the traditional sense;  there is death but there isn’t gore.  The “who-done-it” and “how done it” are emphasized more than car chases and gun fights.

Perfect reading for my vacation last week.  Don’t forget to check out Fantastic Fiction for more information about this book.  And use your Amazon Smiles for Parent Trust if you purchase it!



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