Brock And Kolla Series

Brock and Kolla series by Barry Maitland
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Recovering from cancer takes a lot out of you, and although I’m more active now I still need my rest times.  I discovered this series was perfect for me at this time–engrossing enough that I was able to distract from pain.

Brock runs the Series Crimes Division of Scotland Yard and Kolla a key partner on his team. We meet them for the first time as they first meet each other, working on the Marx Sister’s case.  I highly suggest you read them in order, as there is significant character development and new characters introduced that rely on  knowing back stories.

If you like police procedurals that go further than just procedures, you may enjoy this series. There is good character development and well plotted mysteries–not just the gory street crimes of many of today’s procedurals, which often cross too far over into thriller territory for me.

Although not a cozy, this series is definitely not gritty realism. There is a strong element of classic mystery fiction with emphasis on character, puzzle and local color. There are twists and turns, occasional far-out conclusions and coincidences (but still fun) and character development througout the series.

Although I feel like I’m damning with faint praise, this is a good series to dip into without it becoming all consuming. In other words, you’ll enjoy them, but won’t be camping out at the library waiting for your next fix to come in. Perfect summer or plane trip reading.


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