Life is a mystery

Today I woke up with the phrase “life is a mystery” in my head. Not a mystery like the mystery fiction reviewed here, but in the sense that one never knows what life will bring. For good or bad and everything in between, life just is. Unpredictable, beyond our control (despite our efforts to control … More Life is a mystery

Alex Delaware Series

I’ve just finished reading the most recent Alex Delaware, by prolific author Jonathan Kellerman.  As always, I’m left mainly satisfied and slightly disappointed. Heartbreak Hotel contains some of my favorite mystery elements; Hollywood history, cold cases, mysterious death, and a victim who is an enigma. Kellerman is a master craftsman.  If you haven’t checked out … More Alex Delaware Series

Brock And Kolla Series

Brock runs the Series Crimes Division of Scotland Yard and Kolla a key partner on his team. We meet them for the first time as they first meet each other, working on the Marx Sister’s case.  I highly suggest you read them in order, as there is significant character development and new characters introduced that rely on  knowing back stories.
More Brock And Kolla Series