April 2017

This month’s books were:


Death at La Fenice, by Donna Leon. Overwhelming thumbs up.  10 members -all who had read the book-gave it a thumbs up.

“A nice, light, easy to follow read.”

“Well written.”

“Good sense of place.”

“Clearly set up to be a series-lots of room for character development.”  (one member who has read further in series said that later books show even better sense of Venice.)

“Loved the humor.”

“Ending really good.”  “Perfect ending.”

thumbsdown Black Dog, by Stephen Booth.  Although primarily thumbs down, there were a few “thumbs in the middle” for Black Dog.  But the loudest comments were definitely thumbs down.


“Bogged down by description.”

“Impossible to like woman detective.”  “Too nasty.”

“Bad book with not bad writing. No hook.”

“Needed better editing.”

“Way too long.”

“500 pages for one murder?!  Not good!”

“Everything’s uphill in both directions.”




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