March 2016

Dicker, Joel. The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. 2014 >>
Swanson, Peter. The Girl With a Clock For a Heart. 2014 >>

The Girl With a Clock For a Heart provoked  a mixed reaction from the group.  5 thumbs up, 6 thumbs down. Kudos for a very original story, each chapter bringing us seemingly closer to understanding the depths of Liana’s deceit and George’s infatuation.  Group members appreciated the twisting plot with lots of foreboding.  The ending received mixed reviews with some people really disliking the “messiness” of never knowing–really knowing–what happens for George.  Others liked the way the ending showed how George will continue to carry a torch for Liana, no matter what.  Other elements mentioned were the great sense of place and good writing.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair created just as strong feelings in the group.  4 adamant thumbs down, 7 just as strong thumbs up.  Comments ranged from it was, “Just dumb,” to “It was kind of fun.”  Many readers liked the humor in the novel.  Quite a few felt that the women characters were “over the top.”  The writing was pretty much panned and many felt that the story was good and deserved a better writer.  Group members mentioned the tons of cliches, trite dialogue and paper thin characters. Others felt the story was good and gave an interesting look at the publishing world.

Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting.  Please feel free to add comments to this post!