September-December 2016

Sorry that these group reviews aren’t posted; I haven’t been able to attend group in a few months.

On September 18th I hurt my back very badly by lifting a very heavy TV set. Ironically, it was at the last meetup I was able to attend this calendar year–the one where we gathered to watch Case Files series 1 (to compare to the book we read this year by Kate Atkinson).

On October 27th, after over a month of not being able to walk, sit, sleep and in constant extreme pain, I finally got an MRI. On October 28th I was diagnosed with spinal cancer.

The group continued to meet, even though I was in too much pain to attend. I have worked a lot with groups in my professional life, and a group that is able to meet, maintain membership and thrive when the lead facilitator is absent is the mark of a strong group.

With the beginning of 2017, we enter our 9th year. I hope to attend the January 2017 meetup and start posting group discussions/reviews soon after. Here’s to the continued health and longevity of the group, and I hope that if you are joining us virtually you add to the fun by posting comments of your own!

Much love to all,
Seattle Mystery Lover’s Book Group/Facilitator