June 2017

This month’s books were:

  • For Reasons Unknown by Michael Wood, 2015
  • Collecting the Dead by Spencer Kope, 2017

I wasn’t present at the meetup but one member took notes for me on the Kope book- so here is the review for Collecting the Dead!

thumbsup8 thumbs up, 1 thumb down!

Group members liked the police procedural aspect – informative. Not sure at first about Step’s secret ability-“shine”-even when likening it to auras. Eventually some were okay with it; another still so-so with the shine; shine reminded them of synesthesia – seeing words in color; another enjoyed the shine – and the balance between spirituality and magical; thought another thought it read like a first book and was put off by shine thinking it was too contrived.

Group Comments:
Plot and dialog seemed like it was written for TV
Dialog was sophomoric
Character Steps melodramatic, whiny, immature—some were turned off by this, others felt it was appropriate given the character’s emotional trauma.
Descriptive/analogy writing was brilliant
another had sympathy for Steps and echoed the likeness to a
Good sense of place and a good mystery for first book;
Diane character was stereotypical – IT geek back at home base with no life.


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