Reading Lists

2017 looks like a great year!   It is with deep gratitude that I post the 2017 list. On October 28th, 2016 I was diagnosed with spinal cancer. I have not been able to attend the last three meetings of 2016, and yet have had no worries about the health of our group. Maura, Patty and Jeffrey took over all administrative duties and ran the meetings. I am incredibly appreciative. I’ve worked with groups most of my professional career and I know that the sign of a strong group is one that can meet without the presence of the regular facilitator. I am proud of this group and privileged to be a member!

How we decide our book list: Every November, our group votes on the following years’ list.This follows a lengthy discussion process in which we talk about potential themes, make suggestions, and do all manner of bribing and cajoling others to vote for our choices.  Any member of our group can make suggestions, but only those who attend the November meeting get to vote.  Now everyone knows who to blame!

Thumbs Up/Down:  In addition to posting the list, this year I’ll try to also post “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” type reviews after each meeting. Members have often wished we could remember if the groups liked certain books or not in previous years…stay tuned…I did ok in 2016 until I got sick, but I’m on the road to recovery and hope to start up this part of the website again soon.

Previous Years’ Lists: You can also find previous years’ lists in this section, as well as on our Meetup site.  You’ll notice that our themes change, and occasionally we have read a common book and common author.  We always read two books each month, as we enjoy comparing and contrasting. This year, 2017, there are no themes which should be interesting. We might get surprises along the way about how well some of the random pairings actually match!

Summaries of books:  I really like the Fantastic Fiction website.  You can search by author, title, and ISBN.  Each author has a short bio on their page, followed by books listed.  As a mystery novel fan, how the book lists are organized is important.  Many mystery authors have multiple books in multiple series.  Fantastic Fiction does a great job organizing this. Fantastic Fiction >>


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