2011 Reading List

January: Dogs, cats and other pets
Blind Bloodhound Justice, By Virginia Lanier
New Tricks, By David Rosenfelt

February: Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Murder in Scorpio, By Martha C. Lawrence
Don of the Dead, By Casey Daniels

March: Art
Death and Restoration, By Iain Pears
The Lost Glass Plates of Wilfred Eng, By Thomas Orton

April: Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
The Star of India: A Novel of Sherlock Holmes, By Carole Bugge
The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, By Laurie King

May: Pacific Northwest
A Hopeless Case, By K.K. Beck
Without Due Process, By J.A. Jance

June: Historic: the ancient world and/or the medieval world
The Stolen Voice: A Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery, By Pat McIntosh
Death Comes AsThe End, By Agatha Christie

July: Mixed Bag
Each member reads a book of their choice and comes prepared to summarize and critique for the group. This is a way for everyone to learn about books they might not have read otherwise!

August: Legal/Courtroom
Twelve Angry Men (the play), By Reginald Rose
Breach of Promise, By Perri O’Shaughnessy

September: Mystery on Holiday-vacation mysteries
Strange Images of Death, By Barbara Cleverly
The Private Patient, By P.D. James

October: Sporting Mysteries
Deal Breaker, By Harlan Coben
Dead Men Don’t Ski, By Patricia Moyes

November: Death at the Theater
In a Teapot, By Terence Faherty
Murder At Ford’s Theater, By Margaret Truman

December: Wild Card
Group puts forth suggestions in time for November meetup. Then we vote to choose.