2016 Reading List

January: Police Procedural
MacBride, Stuart. Dying Light. 2006
Tabman, Michael. Midnight Sin. 2011

February: Show Biz/Celebrity
Cannell, Stephen J. Hollywood Tough. 2003
Geagley, Brad. The Stand In. 2011

March: Poison Pen List
Dicker, Joel. The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. 2014
Swanson, Peter. The Girl With a Clock For a Heart. 2014

April: WILDCARD!!!!!

May: Cold Case
Edwards, Martin. The Hanging Wood. 2011
LeHane, Dennis. Moonlight Mile. 2010

June: Novels to TV/Movies
Atkinson, Kate. Case Histories. 2004 book. (TV series episode to be determined.)
Doyle, Arthur Conan. A Study in Scarlet. 1887. (Movie version 1933)

July: Scandinavian Mysteries
Hoeg, Peter. Smilla’s Sense of Snow (aka Smilla’s Feeling for Snow) 1993
Lackberg, Camilla. The Ice Princess. 2008

August: WILDCARD!!!!!!

September: Comedic Mysteries
Ewans, Chris. The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam. 2007.
Hall, Parnell. A Clue for the Puzzle Lady. 1999

October: Park Rangers
Ault, Sandi. Wild Sorrow. 2009
Box, CJ. Breaking Point. 2014

November: Clergy
Kemelman, Harry. Friday the Rabbi Slept Late. 1964.
Parker, T. Jefferson. California Girl. 2004.

December: WILDCARD!!!!!!


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