Submitted Suggestions: 2016

For those interested in exploring the suggestions that didn’t make it onto the 2016 Reading List, here are links to everything submitted!

Mysteries that spawned either TV series or movies >>
Note: for TV series that don’t have an exact correspondence with the novel from which it came, we will most likely try to get Season 1 Episode 1 to watch.

Park Rangers >>
At least one main character should be employed (volunteer or paid, as a park ranger, someone who supervises, manages, and/or performs work in the conservation and use of park resources

Cold Case >>
The OED defines a cold case as ‘an unsolved criminal investigation, which remains open pending the discovery of new evidence’. In a cold case mystery novel, the story centers around the investigation of one or more cold cases.

Scandinavian Mysteries >>
Scandinavian countries are Denmark, Norway and Sweden, but I think we really meant to allow for Nordic countries, so you can include Finland and Iceland.

Comedic Mysteries >>
Can include satire, “wacky farce”, gentle humor. Should elicit lots of chuckles!

Police Procedural >>
This sub genre attempts to convincingly depict the activities of a police force as they investigate crimes. Police procedurals depict a number of police-related topics such as forensics, autopsies, the gathering of evidence, the use of search, and interrogation.

Show Biz/Celebrity >>
Either mysteries written with a real person/celebrity as a character (contemporary or historic but must have celebrity status) OR a mystery set in some sort of show business setting (real or fictional). We decided not to include authors who are celebrities.

Clergy >>
Rabbis, priests, nuns, monks…novels with a main character in a religious capacity.

Poison Pen Book List 2014 >>
The Poison Pen is a bookstore in Scottsdale Arizona. They put out a number of book lists specifically for mystery book clubs! We decided to spend one month reading 2 books from their 2014 New Author List.


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